Appello per Ventimiglia- in inglese


For solidarity against intolerance

Feeding poor hungry people has always been the basic act of human solidarity.

It is the foundation of community of equal people. Punishing solidarity or avoiding its practise, whatever the reason, it is endangering the basic, human and civil principles and values.

This is why we are worried and indignant at the fact that some French volunteers have been indicted in Ventimiglia, last March, for alleged crimes under Article 650 of the Penal Code (“inadequate action by the authorities”). They are accused for distributing food to migrants, in contravention of the mayor ordinance (11th August 2016).

We are more worried and indignant for the context in which this action takes place: a context in which similar orders and prohibitions are multiplied, which find their “legitimacy”, lastly, in the decree law no.14/2017 (the so-called Minniti decree), in which, by evoking the protection of a not well-defined “urban decorum”, the mayors have enormous powers over the freedom of the most vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, on the Italian-French borders, a lot of judicial proceeding are going on, judicial proceeding versus people who support the migrant’s free circulation. Two of them are versus Francesca Peirotti in Nice and Felix Croft in Imperia.

That is not the way to go, shown in the history of the best part of humankind and in our republican Constitution, whose Article 2 recognizes and guarantees the inviolable rights of man and explicitly requires everyone to fulfill the fundamental duties of economic and social solidarity.

We need to campaign against exclusion and intolerance in order to assert these principles.

We’re starting from Ventimiglia April 30th. It will be the opportunity for a meeting between Italians and French. The opportunity to object to a criminalization of solidarity.

An opportunity to urge the mayor to revoke the 11th August 2016 ordinance, to ask a reversal of the political line underlying the recent immigration and security law decrees, to help build a widespread mobilization and a support network for the welcome and all its manifestations

19 aprile 2017

Livio Pepino (magistrato e saggista)
René Dahon (Association Roya citoyenne)
Marco Revelli (storico e politologo)
Cédric Herrou (attivista)

don Luigi Ciotti (Gruppo Abele e Libera)
Domenico Chionetti (Comunità San Benedetto al Porto)
Riccardo De Vito (Magistratura democratica)
Monica Di Sisto (Campagna Stop TTIP)
Anna Falcone (Comitato per la democrazia costituzionale)
Carlo Freccero (autore televisivo e scrittore)
Patrizio Gonnella (Coalizione italiana per le libertà civili e Antigone)
Mariarosaria Guglielmi (Magistratura democratica)
Roberto Lamacchia (Associazione Giuristi democratici)
Gad Lerner (giornalista e scrittore)
Luigi Manconi (sociologo, A buon diritto – Associazione per le libertà)
Susanna Marietti (Antigone)
Lidia Menapace (staffetta partigiana, femminista e saggista)
Tomaso Montanari (storico dell’arte, Libertà e giustizia)
don Fredo Olivero (Caritas Migranti)
Moni Ovadia (attore teatrale, drammaturgo e compositore)
Gianni Tognoni (Tribunale permanente dei popoli)
Massimo Torelli (attivista)
padre Alex Zanotelli (missionario comboniano)